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The first safe made in Turkey is Kıratlı Elektronical Lock and Safe Industry and Trade limited Company. The Main activity is to develop and renovate them manufacture high performance system, Arge  act ivies, technological production, public relation and services developments since its establishment in 1943.
The company Kıratlı provides  a wide range of products for import export , they export to the Middle East, Africa and European countries that created the power to meet and exceed the customer expectations. The company is acting as shop center in Göztepe- Istanbul, in Antalya , İzmir, and Ankara and also in Istanbul and Gaziantep they are owners of warehouse center for dedicated products

Wide panel of component suppliers, development and manufacturing of unscissiled system to the oxygen recourse and key system of first quality. They are producing money safe , data safe , safe for rent , jeweler safe , hotel room safes , armoured doors , grill doors and also they import  electrical and mechanical code keys.



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